Ashecliffe TV Series

As soon as "Shutter Island" (2009) directed by Martin Scorsese came out on the screen, it immediately became a cult. And the success of the film inspired the TV channel HBO and Paramount Television to think about creating a spin-off, the TV series Ashecliffe based on the blockbuster

The storyline of the TV show during its first season will be the sort of anthology, which should connect it with the Shutter Island. The mental hospital Ashecliffe is in focus of the plot. And the whole story of the episodes is a prequel to the movie, it is taking place before the events in the film. Then the series of Ashecliffe might go even further, but still continuing to explore similar themes and issues raised by that narrative. It reveals us all secrets of the Ashecliffe hospital medical staff, and its ways to experiment on patients, whose personal dramas led them to such a sad imprisonment.

The pilot will be directed by Martin Scorsese and the script is penned by Dennis Lehane, the author of the novel. He is also responsible for expanding his Shutter Island mythology to fit it to the TV show format. In opinion of the HBO and Paramount Television producers these people will be able to ensure the continuity of the atmosphere, and breathe life into the series of the Ashecliffe. But presently there is no idea whether Scorsese goes on to direct the show, because he is much occupied with other TV projects. This is the reason why Ashecliffe isn’t so far along in development: nowadays Scorsese does his best to begin filming Silence early next year for a late 2015 release.

At the moment, the experts involved in the work at Ashecliffe immersed in the study of materials relating to physical and pharmacological treatments for people with mental disorders in the early 20th century. We all know that psychiatry of that period was more retaliatory than healing. So it can be expected that Ashecliffe would be filled with a sufficient amount of the darkest episodes, which give this show the genre of psychological thriller.

It remains a mystery, who of the actors will be attracted by HBO to star main and secondary characters of Ashecliffe. But it has been already obvious that we will see neither Leonardo DiCaprio, brilliantly played the role of Teddy Daniels, nor Ben Kingsley in his role of Dr. Cawley, the head physician of the mental hospital. But HBO usually deals perfect with casting. And we can confidently say that the television series Ashecliffe promises to be its next hit.

There is no information about the total number of seasons and episodes of Ashecliffe. The date of its release has not been disclosed yet, too. Follow the news on our site, and you will know all about the progress of the new HBO TV show first!

Ashecliffe TV Series